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Spreading Fake News: Guilty as Charged

Today I shared a few posts about the phenomena of fake news. Those of you who read my dribble, or follow my posts, know that I have, more than once, had to retract and apologize for sharing material that turned out to be false.

Why did I do it?

I am as partisan as the next person. I wanted to believe that what I read was true because it supported my mood (probably anger) at the time.

I was lazy. I didn’t take the time to check snopes, politifact, or factcheck to see if what I had read had already been debunked. It takes a few minutes and sometimes the meme is so new it isn’t in the fact-check world yet and I have to wait. Waiting to post something? Unheard of in our day and age.

So yes, I’ve screwed up too. I have spread misinformation because it confirmed my bias and I was lazy. I promise to do better, slow down, and try harder to not be a part of the problem.

More Republican “Campaign Devices”

Remember, during the campaign, all the consternation about the debt? How the debt was so dangerous to our future? I think they’re right, the debt is a danger to our future. But apparently that was yet another “campaign device.”

From the article:

“Back in the day when President Obama was drafting the budget, these Republicans were arguing that the national debt threatened the well-being of our children and grandchildren. They claimed to view deficit reduction as a sacred cause.

Well, we’re about to see a religious conversion of world-historic size as the Republican Party, and its congressional leader Paul Ryan, convert from deficit hawks to big spenders. With Donald Trump in the White House, we’re going to discover that they think large deficits are just fine …

We can be sure that the Republicans will deny that their tax cuts will lead to large deficits, claiming that they will be offset by faster growth. In economics, this is called “lying.” There is a massive amount of research on this point. There is no reason to believe that the incentives created by lower tax rates will have a substantial impact on savings, investment or work … there is zero reason to think that additional growth from tax cuts will offset the lost revenue to any noticeably effect. We know this based on both careful economic research and two real-world experiments. This means when our Republican deficit hawks claim that their tax cuts for the rich won’t add to the deficit because of the additional growth they will produce, they know they are not telling the truth.”

Read the entire article.

A Little Bit of Festivity

Coffee Tastes Better in a Train- Geek Mug!

Hard at Work at Waterline’s November Event


Why I Think Trump is a Dangerous Choice for President

There are many reasons I do not like Donald Trump. But, if I had to choose just one reason I think he should not be president, it is contained in the following quotes:

“‘My primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff,’ Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in March. ‘I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain.’ ”


“I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me,’’

Trump’s combination of ignorance and arrogance disqualifies him for the highest office in the land. This attitude, that he knows everything and is always right, is very dangerous, especially when you consider he would be commander-in-chief of the most powerful military on the planet.

2016 Election Thoughts

Hillary Clinton has outsmarted and outmaneuvered decades of Congressional investigations, right-wing media attacks, and unsubstantiated rumors. Trump apparently will get taken down by Billy Bush. If everything said about her is true, I think Clinton is the brilliant diabolical mastermind we need in the Oval Office to take on ISIS, Russia, Iran, our apparently vicious trade partners and anyone else who threatens our way of life. Trump: lightweight loser.

So Sad


We lost Elliott yesterday, October 5th. He was only 1 – 1/2. He was a sweet little goof and we’ll miss him a lot.

Gary Johnson Should Be in the Debates!

garyjohnsonI saw Gary Johnson on ABC This Week this morning. The guy is a little goofy – his mannerisms – but he did not say a single idea in the short interview I disagreed with. I went to the website and I am pretty impressed. At the very least, I think the man should be allowed in the debates. His ideas are a departure from the two parties that are really oh-so-close on so many issues and they deserve to be heard.

“I hope that people will see that we don’t have to sit by the sidelines and watch as the two major parties limit their choices to slightly different flavors of the status quo. It is, in fact, possible to join the fray, stand up for principles and offer a real alternative.”
– Gov. Gary Johnson

Waterline – September 2016

Here I am, in action, at Waterline Writers. The picture on the right? I look pissed off at something, don’t I? I do not know what was going on when that picture was taken.

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