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2016 Election Thoughts

Hillary Clinton has outsmarted and outmaneuvered decades of Congressional investigations, right-wing media attacks, and unsubstantiated rumors. Trump apparently will get taken down by Billy Bush. If everything said about her is true, I think Clinton is the brilliant diabolical mastermind we need in the Oval Office to take on ISIS, Russia, Iran, our apparently vicious trade partners and anyone else who threatens our way of life. Trump: lightweight loser.

So Sad


We lost Elliott yesterday, October 5th. He was only 1 – 1/2. He was a sweet little goof and we’ll miss him a lot.

Gary Johnson Should Be in the Debates!

garyjohnsonI saw Gary Johnson on ABC This Week this morning. The guy is a little goofy – his mannerisms – but he did not say a single idea in the short interview I disagreed with. I went to the website and I am pretty impressed. At the very least, I think the man should be allowed in the debates. His ideas are a departure from the two parties that are really oh-so-close on so many issues and they deserve to be heard.

“I hope that people will see that we don’t have to sit by the sidelines and watch as the two major parties limit their choices to slightly different flavors of the status quo. It is, in fact, possible to join the fray, stand up for principles and offer a real alternative.”
– Gov. Gary Johnson

Waterline – September 2016

Here I am, in action, at Waterline Writers. The picture on the right? I look pissed off at something, don’t I? I do not know what was going on when that picture was taken.

Illegal Immigration: Solved

Why do people who profess to believe in the free market (though it seems conservatives have largely given up on that) not apply those same principles to illegal immigration? The primary driver for immigrants seems to be they can work here and therefore have a better life than in their own country. Business likes illegal immigrants – they are cheaper and more docile. Reduce the demand for illegal labor and, if the free market works as it should, the supply should shrink. Illegal immigrants have broken the law – no one can doubt that. Businesses that hire illegal immigrants have also broken the law. I have not seen a call to deploy a special task force to round up company executives and prosecute these law-breakers. I do not think we need a wall. I think if we put a few hundred business executives in federal prison the demand for illegal labor will drop considerably. Add to that: no taxpayer money to illegal immigrants: welfare, medicaid, public schooling… Then the economic incentive to come here disappears. Problem solved – right?

It Is Not the Media’s Job to Go After the Truth?

Has Media Bias Swung the Other Way?

Kim Gotches New Book: Under the Branches


Kimberly Gotches has released a new book: Under the Branches. Kim formerly lived in the Fox Valley area, now lives in New Mexico. She was a organizer of a reading event held at Little Traveler and had been active in various writing groups in the area.  Available in print or on Kindle, you can buy it on Amazon!

What truths grow under your Family Tree? Go ahead; get closer. Crawl under the branches…

“Clear the hall!” I’d yell, running, goosebumps rising, completely naked except for my cape flapping behind me.

Under the Branches, the debut book by writer and storyteller Kimberly Gotches, contains 15 stories passed through the generations of her Family Tree. Follow her as she runs naked through her grandparent’s hallway. Learn why you should never stand up when your foot is asleep. Decide whether you’ll put garland made of rope on your next shopping list. Sharing truths applicable around the winter holidays and throughout the year, Kimberly takes you on a journey to learn about life, love, and surviving loss by drawing from your roots.

“Kimberly Gotches tells a story as if she is giving a person-to-person call from her heart to yours. She doesn’t just share the story; she shares herself. You take away a sense of having been touched by an authentic, sensitive, joyous, and caring person—and truly enriched by the experience.” —Joe Hayes, nationally recognized author and teller of Southwestern tales from the Hispanic, Native American, and Anglo cultures

“Her stories are always somehow affirmative, showing us that we can survive being mortal, helping us better understand the sometimes devastating magnificence of life.” —Benjamin Percy, American novelist, short story writer, essayist, comics writer, and screenwriter

“Through these delightful and touching stories, Kimberly invites us to meet her Yiayiá and discover the roots and reasons for her work with listeners of all ages.” —Regina Ress, storyteller, actor, writer and educator; winner of the 2014 Storytelling World Honor

Harmonious Howl: Thursday, July 28, 7 PM at Graham’s 318



One of the best open mics around is on 3rd Street in Geneva. Head to the patio of Graham’s 318 at 7 PM on the fourth Thursday of the month and hear some readings and music. If you sign up and perform, you get a free coffee or gelato! Hope to see you there!

Outing: Geneva Art Fair



Although it was already too hot for me at 10 AM, we went to the Geneva Art Fair anyway. Each year it gets better, and bigger. While there was some cool stuff to look at, nothing screamed “buy me!” this year.

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