Jul 282014

I have always wanted to visit the Chesapeake Bay. Check. Done.

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Jul 042014

It is a perfect day here in Illinois. The weather could not be better. Barn sales out in the country in the morning. Classic car show in the afternoon. Heard a great band just before one of the best small-town fireworks show you’ll see anywhere.

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Jun 292014

We were sitting on our screen porch, reading the paper and drinking coffee. We hear a noise. The southern half of our maple tree had fallen. The tree had been sickly for years, but the northern half is the sickly half. I suppose it was just too heavy. It spared all the garden decorations – sort of wrapped around them. Cleared it away, but now I need to borrow a chain saw (can you imagine me with a chain saw???) to cut up the rest of the big limbs.

The left side of the tree is all gone. Taken from inside the screen porch.

The left side of the tree is all gone. Taken from inside the screen porch.

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Jun 282014
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May 082014

The Final JudgmentThe Final Judgment by Richard North Patterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book has two parallel stories that intersect at the end. Part of the book is a murder investigation / courtroom drama and the other part is a story about the young woman who is a defense lawyer in the court case. The book had me guessing until the end. There are multiple possibilities and I didn’t have it figured out completely until I read the end – just the way I like it. The characters are convincing; they feel real. The family drama will probably be familiar in tone to many of us. All in all – the book was a good read.

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May 062014

determinedWhen I share something about politics on Facebook I usually feel crappy afterwards. I feel I’m just contributing to divisiveness. It’s almost always an impulse thing for me – I see something that resonates, and sometimes I don’t even read the complete article, and I click that darn share button.

I doubt that anything I’ve ever shared (or perhaps written) has ever changed anyone’s viewpoint. People will predictably like, or comment with rebuttals, but I can’t remember the last time I was surprised.

So, why do it? I’m going to lay off the share button. If I take the time to write something thoughtfully I probably still won’t change minds, but I won’t feel lousy after clicking the publish button either.

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May 062014

fb-profile-pictureWaterline Writers is proud to host writers Barbara Barrows, Marc Frazier, Frank Rutledge, Patrick Shannon, and Greg Stolze at our event on May 18th at 5 PM. As always, our event is held in the beautiful art gallery at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street, Batavia, IL 60510. The event is free.

We’re taking a summer hiatus. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our next event in the fall!

Waterline Writers is committed to providing a place where talented published and not-yet-published writers can share their work with an enthusiastic audience. Our readings are held in the art gallery at Water Street Studios (160 S. Water Street, Batavia, IL 60510), a perfect place for writers and artists to meet, share their diverse talents, and find inspiration and support.

We invite all authors, of all forms and genres, to submit. Submission instructions can be found on our website: http://www.waterlinewriters.org/. Readings have had between 40 – 80 attendees. Waterline is a wonderful community of writers and people who really enjoy the written word. We have had poets, non-fiction writers, fiction writers, screenwriters and playwrights (with actors reading the parts) participate in our events. The events are broadcast on BATV and we post videos of each writer on our website at http://www.waterlinewriters.org/p/video-library.html.

For more information on Waterline Writers visit www.waterlinewriters.org.

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