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Depression Antidote: Achievement


I don’t recall where I originally saw this or who wrote it. I would attribute it if I did. I truly believe this; it works for me. The achievement need not be a big deal either. Just getting this paragraph posted is enough most days, or practicing my piano. Sometimes a simple, small achievement can make the day bearable. I know this won’t work for people with severe depression; many need much more than this simple bromide, but it does work for me.

Wall Street Interests Opposite Most of Us

I see this headline from the Los Angeles Times on Google finance:

“Falling oil prices pushed the cost of living down in December, with the consumer price index declining for the first time in three months.”

This is good news – right? A lower cost of living would be good for the vast majority of us. But not Wall Street – it’s down 2% as I write this. Falling oil prices and the resulting cheaper gas, cheaper feedstocks for many of the products we use daily, and cheaper transportation to get food and other goods to market are apparently bad news for the Wall Street crowd.

I think this shows that the financial elite’s interests do not coincide with the interests of the rest of us. Why is this a problem? The financial elite have an enormous influence on our politics, our tax policies and our foreign policy. The influence is all out of proportion to their numbers. We the people need to find a way to lessen their influence, to put it in proportion to their numbers. Representative democracy should be responsive the people, not money.

Waterline’s January 2016 Event

Here I am at Waterline’s January 2016 event. We had a great turnout: 70 people on the, so far, coldest night of this winter!

Waterline  - 20160117 -  (1 of 21)

Book Publishers: Why It Pays to Get One!

If you’ve ever wondered why book publishers pay their authors such small royalties compared to self-publishing, you should read this article. I now have much greater appreciation for the value a publishing house brings to authors. That said, they only do this for an increasingly small group of writers. The lesson for those of us in the self-publishing world: we should up our game. We should spend more time and money on editing, our book cover, and formatting (I know, that’s a little self-serving, since that’s my part of the process).

Read the entire article!

Eliott and It’s Cold Outside

  1. We have a new cat. He makes me crazy sometimes. He’s still a kitten and he has to explore every horizontal surface available, and some not-horizontal surfaces (we’re not convinced he’s the smartest cat we’ve had). But he does have his cute moments.

2.  It’s cold out there. Of course, it’s January so that should not be a surprise. But our winter has been so mild this is our first taste of real cold. I shoveled last night and it was mostly frozen already – should have gotten out an hour or so earlier.


Waterline Writers

As some of you know, Anne Veague and I co-founded Waterline Writers in 2012. We’re in our 4th season. Hosted by the two of us,  our next literary event is Sunday,  January 17th, 2016 at 7 pm. This month we’ll feature Vida Cross’s poems, rich with the colors of Archibald J. Motley, and also Michelle Donfrio’s, dancing with partners as diverse as Gatsby and … Hefner! Jenny Scott’s “Ruder Still” is a short, tempered story of aging with a very short temper and very little grace. With Donald J. Hunt, we experience time-travel, as well as a measure of Jupiter Justice, then we flank retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Harold G. Walker on his first day — and night — in Vietnam.

Waterline Writers is held in the beautiful art gallery at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street, Batavia IL. On the 3rd Sunday of each month, from 7-8:30, Waterline is a place for talented, published and not-yet-published writers to read to an enthusiastic audience. Waterline Writers has become a meeting place and synergistic center for writers, avid readers, visual artists and musicians.

Waterline features 5 – 6 writers selected by submission. Waterline strives to present a diversity of genres, styles and forms. Each event will be followed by a half hour open mic with 5 minute time limit. We request a $5 donation ($3 for students), which will allow each featured writer to receive an honorarium.

I sure hope to see you there!

Some Suggestions for a Saner Life

  1. Stop watching cable news channels. All of them, whichever edge of the partisan divide you happen to be on, deliver content designed to rile up their base of viewers. It is toxic and you should just stop. Pay attention to what is happening locally. Help where you can. I think you will see that things are not as bad as the talking-heads would have us believe.
  2. Untether for a portion of the day. Obsessively checking email, social media and texting makes everything feel urgent, giving you little time or inclination to reflect and think. I read an interesting post on this today on Seth Godin’s blog.  As a new smartphone user, I can relate to what he says. The technology makes it so easy to become obsessed with the online chatter.

I Read a Lot of Books in 2015


Fresh Start

I recently, through no fault of my own, lost my blog. It was down for a few days while GoDaddy fixed something regarding my domain name. In the process, my blog contents were removed in the attempt to fix it. I had a backup, so I could restore everything. But, I thought, with a new year coming up (my 60th) maybe it’s time for a fresh start, a reset. So, I’ll start over – again. Perhaps I’ll really lose the VoiceOfDoomAndGloom label this year, but probably not. It seems part of my nature,  much as I’d prefer it not be. Maybe I should start over every year? Maybe we all should.

Killers Got Guns at “Family-Friendly” Gun Store!

“Farook and Malik used two assault rifles and two semi-automatic handguns in the attack on the party, all of which were purchased legally, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. A federal law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times that the guns were bought at Annie’s Get Your Gun, a firearms retailer in nearby Corona that advertises itself as a ‘family-friendly gun store.'” – I guess that background check thing isn’t working very well. And isn’t “family-friendly gun store” an oxymoron considering how many families were just shattered by the products they sold to these two?

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