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At Work at Waterline on Feb 19, 2017

Here I am – looking serious most say. Of course, those who attended the event know I’m not always this serious. Perhaps this is my look as another cell phone went off in the crowd. I did forget to say something about cell phones in my opening remarks.

We recently hosted our 5th anniversary event at Waterline Writers. For 5 years we have hosted approximately 175 writers at Sunday evening events in Batavia, IL. We’ve had audiences ranging from 45 to 90 (our January event had 92 – our highest ever!). We present 5 – 6 carefully chosen featured writers per event – representing various genres and forms. Most events we also host an open mic after the featured writers. It’s a great time and if you’re in the Chicago area and you like literary events, check us out.

Feb 18, 2017

Advice From Romance Authors: The Value of Collaboration & Marketing Tips

We can learn a lot from successful indie authors in many genres!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a successful indie romance author in possession of a good brand, must be incredibly marketing savvy. Thus is certainly the case with Alexa Riley, author of the recent New York Times bestseller Everything for Her (Carina Press), who first starting self-publishing with KDP and has amassed 159,000 ratings on Goodreads and nearly 20,000 reviews in just a few years.

Alexa Riley published about 30 books last year, and plans to deliver around 2 per month going forward. (Wow! Do I feel like a slacker!)

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Book Marketing Advice

This came in the recent Goodreads newsletter. If you are not on Goodreads, or not getting their newsletter, you should be!

Last week, more than 650 publishing professionals and authors gathered in New York to learn about the latest trends in publishing and book marketing at Digital Book World. The Goodreads team was there typing furiously to capture as many interesting notes as possible.

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Way to Drain the Swamp!

Trump conned the people who voted for him.

Geoff Burr spent much of the last decade as the chief lobbyist for a powerful construction industry trade group. Burr sought to influence a host of regulations of the Department of Labor, opposing wage standards for federal construction contracts and working against an effort to limit workers’ exposure to dangerous silica dust.

In the Obama administration, someone like Burr would have been barred by ethics rules from taking a job at an agency that he had lobbied.

In the Trump administration, Burr now has a top job at the Labor Department.

Burr is the first publicly known example of a former lobbyist who was able to take a job in the government as a result of President Donald Trump’s watering down of ethics rules in place during the Obama administration.

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Still Think Traditional Publishing is Better?

CJ Daugherty, who writes thrillers for young adults, claimed ghostwritten children’s books risked undermining readers’ trust. “We can tell ourselves that readers must know a C-List celebrity, famous for opening makeup boxes on YouTube, isn’t capable of writing an 80,000-word novel,” she told the Bookseller. “But the whole system seems designed to fool people into thinking they are.”

Authors’ incomes have fallen dramatically over the past 15 years, with many forced to give up writing full-time and find alternative employment to prop up earnings. According to data published by Queen Mary University for the Authors Licensing and Collecting Agency in 2014, only 10% of professional authors make £60,000 or more a year from writing, while the bottom 50% of authors earn less than £10,500. The bottom 50% of authors account for only 7% of the income earned by all writers put together.

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Waterline Writers: February 19th!

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Deactivated Facebook Account

I deactivated my Facebook account less than an hour ago. I already feel less stress! The political posts just got me too riled up and that is not good for me. As I’ve posted earlier, I know I’m not going to change anyone’s opinion, so for me the whole process is just too pointless and frustrating.

American Writers Museum Coming to Chicago!

I read that the American Writers Museum is opening in Chicago in March of 2017. How cool!


Introducing the American Writers Museum from American Writers Museum on Vimeo.

New Blog & Podcast for You!

My friend Jenny Scott launched her blog today:! Go check it out. Be very sure to go to the Podcast page and listen to her and her brother Jon talk about events of the day. They are a hoot!

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