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2017 Stink Bug Invasion

I took a picture of this lovely not-so-little stink bug on my office window today. We’ve been inundated with these guys this year! They have slacked off some just today, so they are either dead, in my house for the winter, or have moved on to someone else’s house. I haven’t had but a couple inside the house this year. We got new windows this summer, so hopefully we won’t have too many in the house over the winter and in the spring when they wake up and get active again. They are harmless, but annoying.

Come See Waterline Writers Sunday at Water Street Studios – 7 PM

Waterline Writers This Sunday – 7 PM – Water Street Studios – Be There

Waterline Writers. Sunday – 7PM. At Water Street Studios.

Things That Make Me Angry Today

  1. I read today that hours after the World Trade Center towers fell Trump bragged to the media that he now owned the tallest building in New York. Almost 3,000 people die and our nation is traumatized in the worst attack on our soil since WWII and this is what occurs to him. And we elected this jerk president!
  2. Doesn’t the Equifax situation make you mad? I did not sign up for Equifax. This isn’t a buyer-beware type situation! They took my personal information from various places and put it into their databases, on their computers, WITHOUT my permission, or knowledge. They did not secure that database well enough and now my personal info – name, date of birth, address, social security number – are out there in the world for bad guys to do with as they please. I wish it had been my credit card numbers – those I could cancel and obtain new ones. The other information can not be canceled and now I have to be vigilant for the rest of my life. And who is paying for their lapse in security? ME! I have to do all the work or pay someone to do it. And the industry that benefits from my personal information will benefit even more as people will be forced to pay for protection from that industry’s ineptitude in future years. Will they be held accountable at all? Time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath.

Waterline: Water Street Studios on Sunday, Sept 17 at 7PM

William Pack Performing at the Elgin Fringe Fest This Weekend!

We went to see William last year and really, really enjoyed the show. You should go.

Waterline Writers New Season Starts Sunday, Sept 17th!

Waterline Writers kicks off its 2017 – 2018 season at Water Street Studios this Sunday, September 17th, at 7 PM.

My First Stereo

Found this in a drawer today. Used it to listen to part of the Bears game. They did OK today. They are not dead to me yet. I remember having this radio when we still lived in an apartment – that would have been prior to 1968 or 1969. I used to listen to music on WLS for hours. Still works.

42nd Antique & Classic Boat Show

I took a ride to Racine, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 9th. I had a great time.

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